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A Message from Our President, Corporate Principles and Company Motto

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A Message from Our President

Since its founding in 1941, FUJIGOUSEI has continued to expand with operations built on a base that has plastic molded product manufacturing technologies at its core. Even now, we continue to provide various products that respond to societal expectations in the business fields of mold design/production, molding, assembly, and painting for precision plastic parts that are used in a wide range of areas, including communications, electronics, medicine, and automobiles (our main focus is on parts for mobile phone information devices). The environment companies now face, one of rapid globalization that is also seeing a society increasingly rooted in information technology networks, continues to change at a steady pace. Under such conditions, FUJIGOUSEI demonstrates the collective power of our group to achieve unprecedented strides without wavering on our basic principles in regard to the operations that we have conducted since our founding, and without fear of the constant change brought by the succession of reliable technologies that have accumulated from the past. From now on, our entire group will strive in whole as a company that is able to offer products that can be broadly trusted by society, starting with our customers, and we will continue to make efforts so that we may coexist with environmental protection while contributing to society. President and representative director, Akihiko Andou

Corporate Principles

The FUJIGOUSEI Group will make efforts to maintain and improve all sectors of our business to continue existing as a company that is trusted by our customers and society.
The FUJIGOUSEI Group will always posture itself towards innovation amongst changes occurring in the business environment, technology, and people, to continue to take on challenges towards the realization of these innovations.
The FUJIGOUSEI Group will work for the realization of better local environments and will continue making efforts so that we may contribute to society with the goal of further improving corporate value as a company that is deeply rooted in local areas.

Company Motto

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