For a planet where people, technology, and nature can coexist… We hold ISO 140001 certification and continue to make efforts to protect the environment.

We have established a new painting line for tablet device sizes

Since September of 2012, we have been operating a new painting line that supports A4-size tablet devices in our Yuki factory. Mainly using robot painting, this new line has allowed us to conduct painting of up to three coats, in-line and without interruption.

  • 3 coats w/o interruption
  • Total length: 274 m
  • Increases Production Yield/Reduces Costs
Tablet Image

New Technology and Equipment for Our Environment

Technology Introduction

Rapid Heat Cycle Molding Technology

Rapid Heat Cycle Molding Technology

In order to increase the completion of the design surface without leaving seams, we have incorporated RHCM molding, which allows for paint-less molding that is easy on the environment.

Water-Based Painting

Water-Based Painting

In addition to conventional solvent paints, painting with water-based paint is also possible. This contributes to the reduction of atmospheric pollutants, CO2, and oil resources.

  • Mold Design and Production
  • Plastic Molding
  • Plastic Painting
  • Plastic Assembly

Equipment Introduction

Flow Analysis Software(CAE System)

Flow Analysis Software(CAE System)

Our software can simulate repairs and alterations inside molds. This makes it possible to accurately manufacture molds in a short amount of time and also leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • Equipment Introduction (List)

An integrated production system that handles everything from plastic mold design and production to molding, painting, and assembly. We offer low-cost, high-quality products through partnerships with various factories and group companies.


With our Oyama factory at the center of our operations, we aim to be a company that continues to evolve and create.

Oyama Factory
  • Plastic mold design and production
  • Exterior parts for mobile phones
  • Mechanical components, etc.

Yuki Factory
  • Plastic molding, painting, assembly
  • Exterior parts for mobile phones
  • Mechanical components, etc.

Yokohama Factory
  • Plastic molding
  • Industrial equipment
    • Bank ATMs
    • Store cash register systems
    • Color E-paper (mobile information terminals)
    • Electric tools
    • Industrial switches, etc.

Nissin Kasei Co., Ltd.
  • Medical Equipment
    • Disposable blood filtration equipment
    • Blood purification equipment
    • Catheter tube connectors
    • Plastic parts for vacuums
  • Exterior parts for mobile phones, etc.

Tohoku Fuji Corporation
  • Exterior parts for mobile phones
  • Mechanical components, etc.

F.C. Techs Corporation
  • Exterior parts for mobile phones
  • Mechanical Components, etc.


  • Updated August 20, 2011CO2 Emissions and Biodiversity posted.
  • Updated August 20, 20112010 Environmental Report posted.