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Plastic Assembly

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We can also deliver assembled and processed parts. Rely on us for insert press-fitting, ultrasonic welding, and heat press processing assembly.
Assembled product

Reduce costs and lighten efforts with the delivery of assembled and processed products

At FUJIGOUSEI, we respond to the demands of customers who would like us to deliver products in a state in which the molded product that was painted and printed on is assembled with gaskets, sheets, small pieces of sheet metal and other such mechanical components.
We provide high-quality, low-cost products to our customers by conducting production that is uninterrupted from molding to assembly.

We also respond to an even wider variety of demands with insert press-fitting, ultrasonic welding, and heat press processing assembly

FUJIGOUSEI also owns an automatic insert press-fitting machine and a heat press machine to support a greater variety of high-precision processing.

Automatic insert press-fitting machine Heat press machine Insert press-fitted product Heat pressed product

Automatic insert press-fitting machine

This is a machine that embeds screws into the main body of the plastic in order to secure pieces of plastic together with screws. It is possible to control the screw embedment depth with high-precision.

Heat press machine

This is a machine that aligns ribs (convex part) on the plastic main body with sheet metal that has holes opened at the position of these ribs and then heats and melts the ribs to secure these parts together.
The parts can be firmly secured and it is possible to reduce the size of protrusions in comparison to fastening screws, thus contributing to the production of thinner mobile phones.

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With our integrated production system, we can accommodate your quality, cost, and delivery demands.

Through a partnership between three FUJIGOUSEI Inc. factories and three group companies, we make our customer’s plan a reality using our wealth of experiences and proven record.

  • An integrated system that handles everything from plastic mold design and production to molding, painting, and assembly
  • We provide high quality, low costs, and quick turnaround