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We have implemented a flow analysis software (CAE system), which makes it possible to shorten turnaround and reduce costs.

Simulates the insides of molds, greatly shortening repair and renovation tasks

Flow analysis operation screen 3D SolidWorks operation screen

We create a 3D model based on customer-provided data. After this, the “CAE system” is used to create a simulation (flow analysis) of the insides of the mold at the time of molding, after which the causes of defects in a product are analyzed and then remedied.
With the CAE system, it is possible to simulate whether repairs or remodeling will be effective, allowing for repairs without trial and error.
Additionally, repaired CAE data can be utilized as processing machine data for the purposes of creating molds, thus allowing you to start processing in short time and with accuracy.
With the flow software (CAE system), FUJIGOUSEI is able to manufacture high quality products in a short amount of time and at low costs, allowing us to provide detailed support that further meets the needs of our customers.

What is the flow analysis software (CAE system)? CAE” stands for Computer-aided Engineering.
Whereas CAD is used for design, CAE is software that uses 3D models to view cross-sections, check for interference, and analyze resin flow.
Because this makes it possible to design and manufacture molds in a short amount of time, it also contributes to cost reduction and CO2 reduction.

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With our integrated production system, we can accommodate your quality, cost, and delivery demands.

Through a partnership between three FUJIGOUSEI Inc. factories and three group companies, we make our customer’s plan a reality using our wealth of experiences and proven record.

  • An integrated system that handles everything from plastic mold design and production to molding, painting, and assembly
  • We provide high quality, low costs, and quick turnaround