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Plastic Painting

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We have constructed a painting line that supports water-based paints and are working towards making practical use of this line.
Painted product External appearance of the painting line Painting booth A 2-coat painting line with a painting performance that boasts 180,000 pieces per day (Whole company of group.)

Considering the Environment by Painting with Aqueous (Water-based) Paint

At FUJIGOUSEI, we take pride in our painting of mobile phone parts.In addition to conventional solvent paints, painting with water-based paint is also possible. By using water-based paints, it is possible to reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous substances, contributing to the protection of the environment.

  • Reduces VOC (atmospheric pollutants, oxidants, greenhouse gases)
  • Reduces CO2
  • Reduces the consumption of oil resources

With a high-performance painting line, mass-production is also possible

With painting, we reproduce a variety of colors, glosses, and textures for a wide range of plastic materials, including ABS”, “PC”, “PC + ABS” and “PA + GF” and we deliver high quality products to our customers.
In-line production is possible from under coating to UV irradiation, thus allowing for extremely efficient mass production. We take pride in our ability to conduct high-brightness, high-gloss painting and respond to the detailed requests of our customers.


  • Tablet size: 3-coat line, 1 lines
  • Smartphone size: 3-coat line, 2 line
Outline of the painting line process
If it relates to plastic, including questions, requests for an estimate, sample production, or development, leave it to us. Contact

With our integrated production system, we can accommodate your quality, cost, and delivery demands.

Through a partnership between three FUJIGOUSEI Inc. factories and three group companies, we make our customer’s plan a reality using our wealth of experiences and proven record.

  • An integrated system that handles everything from plastic mold design and production to molding, painting, and assembly
  • We provide high quality, low costs, and quick turnaround